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Ear Reshaping

Expert Ear Pinning Otoplasty Surgery

This very pleasant young man was just seen in follow-up today following ear pinning surgery to correct overly prominent ears. As you can see from his before photos, his ears were developed such that they stuck out too far from the side of the head. In fact, his ears nearly stuck out at a 90 degree angle creating unwanted attention. His parents elected to have him undergo cosmetic otoplasty, or ear pinning, surgery to correct... Continue Reading

Another Gauge Piercing Repair

This is another great example of what gauge earring (gauge piercing) repair surgery can look like. This patient from San Diego, CA desired to have her gauge piercings repaired to make the earlobe appear more natural looking. I performed her surgery under local anesthesia, which took about 1.5 hours altogether. She had minimal discomfort following the gauge earring correction. These photos represent her surgical results at only one week out from surgery. I provide these... Continue Reading
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Stretched Earlobe Laceration Repair

This is the latest addition to our growing photo gallery of earlobe repair patients. This one would be considered a less dramatic case of gauge earring piercing correction. This young female from San Diego decided to get rid of her gauge earlobe piercings at an earlier stage than many other gauge earring users. Her earlobe defects were obvious but not as extensive as other patients that are seeking repair of the stretched earlobe. Like other... Continue Reading
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Limited Otoplasty for Keloid Scarring of Ear in San Diego, CA

This case example highlights a very common problem that is seen in our office - keloid scarring of the ear following piercing. This particular female from San Diego sought out our services because she developed a very unsightly scar on her ear after piercing it several years ago. This type of scarring is referred to as a keloid scar since the excess, hard tissue that developed began to overgrow the area. As you can imagine,... Continue Reading
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Ear Lobe Reshaping Otoplasty Surgery in San Diego, CA

Learn more about otoplasty surgery in San Diego offered by Dr. John Hilinski by reviewing this latest addition to our online otoplasty resource and primer. Dr. John Hilinski is considered one of the busiest and best otoplasty surgeons in San Diego due to his dedicated experience in performing plastic surgery of the ear. This most recent addition to our online education resource focuses on a San Diego patient who desired to have his earlobes (ear... Continue Reading
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San Diego Earlobe Repair Gauge Piercings Corrected

We are seeing an increasing number of patients with gauge earlobe piercing holes who desire to have the problem repaired. As has been noted in prior blog entries on gauge earlobe repair, this type of plastic surgery of the ear requires relatively specific training and experience in cosmetic ear surgery. Although there may be a number of board certified plastic surgeons in your particular area, not all of the surgeons have the required expertise in... Continue Reading
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Wearing Glasses After Cosmetic Ear Reshaping

A question that has come up frequently over the past few months involves whether or not patients can wear eyeglasses or sunglasses after cosmetic ear reshaping, or otoplasty. Our San Diego facial plastic surgery office happens to do a very high volume of otoplasty surgery with probably more experience in cosmetic ear reshaping than most plastic surgeons in Southern California. Over the past few months many of our otoplasty patients have asked about resuming use... Continue Reading
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Pediatric Ear Pinning in San Diego, CA by Dr. Hilinski

Dr. John Hilinski has extensive experience in ear pinning and otoplasty surgery to help cosmetically improve the appearance of prominent ears. This includes vast knowledge of pediatric ear pinning, or otoplasty for children. This particular patient is a great example of ear pinning in children. He is a young boy who had concerns with prominent ears and desired to have them reshaped to make the ears look smaller and more proportional for his face. Dr.... Continue Reading
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Ear Pinning (Otoplasty) in San Diego, CA

Dr. John Hilinski, board certified facial plastic surgeon in San Diego, CA, discusses another example of ear pinning (also known as otoplasty or ear reshaping). This female patient from San Diego presented to the office complaining of prominent ears. She was found to have overly developed ears that were asymmetric - meaning one stuck out further than the other. In this case, the patient's left ear was more prominent than the right. We discussed in... Continue Reading
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Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty) Immediate Recovery Period

I wanted to post a quick blog entry visually demonstrating what otoplasty patients might look like immediately following ear pinning surgery. This young gentleman from San Diego desired reshaping of his ears (ear pinning) to address overly prominent auricles. As you can see from his preoperative otoplasty photos below, his ears stuck out to the side of his head bilaterally. As is the case in most patients undergoing ear pinning, one side stuck out farther... Continue Reading
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Ear Pinning Example (Otoplasty) in San Diego

One of the most commonly performed surgeries here at The Hilinski Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery is ear pinning to help reshape an overly prominent ear. This is a plastic surgery procedure involving the ear that is listed on many plastic surgeons' websites. Unfortunately, many board certified plastic surgeons, even those that are well-established in the community, simply do not do ear pinning on a regular basis. What sparked this plastic surgery blog entry is... Continue Reading
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Plastic Surgery for Earlobe Gauging – A Unique Case of Ear Reshaping or Otoplasty

I just finished one of the more unique cases of ear reshaping, or otoplasty, in quite a while. This particular patient presented to our San Diego plastic surgery office desiring reshaping of her ears. She had her earlobe gauging, or stretching, many years ago that created a progressively larger hole in her ear. After many years of this, she finally decided to remove the earlobe gauges and have her ears reshaped. Below left is a... Continue Reading
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Can Ear Reshaping, or Otoplasty, Be Performed on a 10-Year-Old?

The answer to this question is - absolutely. In fact, many patients who have ear reshaping or otoplasty done for prominent ears have it done at 5-6 years old. Cosmetic reshaping of the ears can be done as early as this age because the ear is essentially fully formed by that point. It is also good timing because many parents do not want their child subject to any unwanted attention as they become integrated into... Continue Reading

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