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Injectable Filler

Dr. Hilinski Presents Latest on Cosmetic Injectables

In October, I was invited by Dr. John Vartanian to speak at The Ultimate Aesthetic Training Workshop that took place at The Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills. In my presentation on filler injection, I focused on the use of microcannulas, or blunt-tipped cannulas, as well as facial contouring with Sculptra® Aesthetic and Bellafill®. I felt honored to be invited by other experts in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery to provide my personal insights... Continue Reading

Cosmetic Injectables: How Long Do Results Last?

One of the most common concerns that my patients express during one-on-one consultations is regional volume loss throughout the face. While in the past patients were more focused on a single line or crease, more and more patients are now seeking to restore lost volume across an entire region, such as the cheek mound. The injectables Sculptra® Aesthetic and Bellafill® are highly beneficial for improving both concerns due to their history of successful results. Although... Continue Reading

Sculptra Cheek Contouring

This is a nice example of what Sculptra cosmetic injections can do in terms of cheek enhancement. This pleasant lady consulted with me regarding possible augmentation of her cheek region. After discussion, we both decided that Sculptra would be a great choice for her. Sculptra cosmetic happens to be one of my favorite volumizing treatments for the face. The visible benefits of Sculptra happen somewhat gradually over the first few weeks after an office-based treatment... Continue Reading

Look What Sculptra Cosmetic Can Do For You!

Sculptra injections are quickly becoming one of my favorite office-based cosmetic treatments. Sculptra injections literally allow me to sculpt your face to create improved contour and fullness in certain locations that tend to be negatively affected by the aging process. As an example, you can easily see how Sculptra injections to the temple, mid face and jowl region have helped this particular patient. You will notice that her face now looks much fuller and more youthful... Continue Reading

How Long Will Sculptra® Aesthetic Results Last?

Injectables provide rejuvenating effects in different ways - dermal fillers add volume to targeted facial areas, while BOTOX® Cosmetic weakens overactive facial muscles that lead to lines and wrinkles. An alternative to these options, Sculptra® Aesthetic, actually targets the cause of many facial wrinkles by enhancing and reinforcing the deeper layers of skin by replacing lost collagen. Achieving this exceptionally natural-looking effect can take a little longer to manifest than other injectable alternatives. The good... Continue Reading

Sculptra Liquid Facelift Treatment

We have seen a recent rise in terms of patient inquiries regarding liquid facelift treatment using Sculptra - one of the best options for facial rejuvenation. Sculptra is an injectable solution that can be used to help restore lost volume in the face to help you regain a more youthful and rested facial appearance. In many cases, patients are able to achieve such a nice cosmetic enhancement, they appear to have had a facelift -... Continue Reading
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Injectable Filler for Deep Forehead Wrinkles in San Diego, CA

This case example is a great learning case to visually see what dermal fillers can do for excessively deep, unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. This male patient from San Diego, CA was unhappy with a deep horizontal line across the forehead region. Although Botox injections could help minimize worsening of the line by stopping the underlying muscle movement, Botox injections were not sufficient to fully erase the line in its resting state. Instead, he required... Continue Reading
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Non-Surgical Lower Eyelid Lift With Restylane

We have quite a number of San Diego plastic surgery patients who desire non-surgical enhancement of the lower eyelid region. Many people refer to this as a non-surgical eyelid lift procedure. This is because we can help rejuvenate the lower eyelid region without having to make an incisions in the skin. I wanted to post this quick blog entry to show potential non-surgical eyelid lift patients what they might look like immediately following this type... Continue Reading
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Lip Enhancement Augmentation With Juvederm

In order to help let our potential patients know what it looks like immediately after lip enhancement with Juvederm (or Restylane), I have provided the following case example. This young female patient presented for augmentation of her lips using an injectable filler. On examination you can see that her lips were clearly asymmetric with the right upper lip being much smaller than her left upper lip. As is indicated by the white arrow, one can... Continue Reading

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