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Wrinkle Reduction

Make Money Getting Botox!

Make money getting Botox and Dysport! OK, maybe it's not cash money. But it is credit and loyalty points that can be used like money towards future Botox and Dysport treatments. We have just updated our San Diego website to make it that much easier to earn credit with Allergan's Brilliant Distinctions and Galderma's Aspire Rewards programs. Just click on the Patient Info menu option on our homepage. You will see two quick links to... Continue Reading
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Botox Getting Even More Popular

Popularity of Botox Yesterday we posted on how popular rhinoplasty had become in 2017. But, according to a recent NewBeauty publication, the most requested procedure overall in cosmetic offices is still Botox and Dysport injection. Botox Use Going Up Since 2012, both Botox and Dysport treatments have gone up nearly 33%. That is a huge increase in popularity for these two wrinkle fighting treatments. Here in San Diego, Botox and Dysport remain at the top... Continue Reading
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Improving Response to Botox

Patients often ask if there is something they can do to make their Botox or Dysport injection work better. The answer is - yes! We do have some published guidelines on our website that help patients get the most out of their Botox and Dysport wrinkle treatments. Here is a link to those guidelines. Here are a few other suggestions we recommend to our own San Diego patients considering Botox and Dysport treatment for wrinkles... Continue Reading
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Botox by Dentists?

Would you go to your dentist for Botox or Dysport treatment? Probably not is what most people say. But the reality is that some dentists here in San Diego and Orange County now offer Botox and Dsyport injections for cosmetic indications. There are dentists that have injected Botox and Dsyport for TMJ problems - which really does fall into their primary line of work. But for cosmetic wrinkle reduction? A handful of these dentists are... Continue Reading
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Most Popular Injectable Filler Lately

Many patients interested in having injectable filler treatment for volume enhancement of the face don't really know which of the many fillers they should choose. In fact, many of our patients here in San Diego ask us, "What is the most popular filler right now?" Currently, I would say that Juvederm Vollure is one of the hottest fillers currently being used. For years, Restylane was the only filler that we used under the eye region... Continue Reading
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The Truth About Botox®

Dr. Hilinski recently added a new section to our Botox® Cosmetic page that focuses on the truth about Botox® injections here in San Diego. He goes into detailed information regarding Botox pricing, so-called Botox® specials, and how to know what you are getting for your money. Spend a few moments reading this important information before you consider getting Botox® treatment by just any office here in San Diego.

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