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Patient 61


Example of revision open rhinoplasty to help improve the shape of the nose following two prior rhinoplasties performed by a different plastic surgeon. The main issue with this nose was the abnormal bridge contour. As you can see, his bridge was quite thin for his nose (and face). In addition, the bridge had a curved contour as seen from the front. This was because a silicone implant was used to augment his bridge during one of the prior rhinoplasty surgeries – which ultimately bent to the side. I performed a revision rhinoplasty procedure that included removal of the silicone implant. I replaced the implant with cadaveric costal (rib) cartilage to help restore a more normal looking bridge. His post-rhinoplasty photo shown here confirms a much improved bridge width that is more appropriate for his nose (and face) and is better in terms of overall symmetry. Most importantly, his nose now looks more natural.

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