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Weddings and Coolsculpting

Every bride wants to look their absolute best for their big wedding day. That is why this can be such a stressful period. And that is also why there is an entire industry of wedding and bridal consultants and to help with all of the logistics along the way.

One of the most important considerations for anyone’s wedding celebration is looking fabulous in their wedding dress. In fact, many brides to be will put forth quite a bit of time and money towards this one big day. This includes adhering to a strict diet for months and months before the wedding. And this is usually coupled with a fair amount of time working out and exercising to get that desired physique and shape. Does this sound familiar to all of you brides to be and wedding consultants? Well, fortunately, there is another great option available to all brides and wedding consultants when it comes to wedding preparation – and that is Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting for Brides

So how can Coolsculpting help wedding brides get ready for that special day? The answer is – in many ways!

In short, Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved, office-based, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that freezes unwanted fat away without having to undergo a surgical procedure. Yes, that is right. With Coolsculpting, there are no needles, no incisions, and no downtime with treatment. Brides to be undergo treatment in our dedicated Coolsculpting treatment room as they literally watch television or simply play around on their phone. Need to check off a few more boxes on your wedding to-do list? You can do that too while getting Coolsculpting performed! And once your treatment is completed, you literally get in your car and drive away. There is no recovery process that limits you in any significant manner. Within weeks, the treated areas will begin to slim down and your new shape starts to come to light.

What areas can Coolsculpting help when it comes to fitting into your wedding dress? The following are common treatment areas that are sculpted and toned so your wedding dress fits just right.

  • Tummy – upper and lower
  • Flanks – along with the tummy can give you a slimmer overall waistline
  • Arms
  • Bra fat – which can make a huge difference in how your bodice fits
  • Thighs – inner and outer

All of these areas can be sculpted with Coolsculpting’s fat freezing technology. So if you are struggling with getting that certain one-of-a-kind wedding dress tailored to fit you just right, maybe Coolsculpting can help with those 1 or 2 troublesome areas.

And although neck contouring won’t necessarily help you fit into your dress, CoolMini treatment of unwanted neck fat can also be done to give you a more sculpted neckline, which will make you glow even more on your wedding day!

Coolsculpting for the Wedding Party

Make no mistake about it. This day is for the bride and all attention should be on her. But don’t forget about the bridesmaids, grooms and groomsmen! All of the members of the wedding party may want to put their best foot forward for their  best friends’ big day. And that is where some Coolsculpting may help to sculpt their bodies while getting rid of those last few pesky inches of fat.

Coolsculpting Bride Example

Want to see a real-life examples of a bride who underwent Coolsculpting for her upcoming wedding? Here is one in the adjacent photo example.

This young lady was ramping up for her big wedding day and wanted to make sure her dress fit just right. In addition to working out and eating right, she opted to undergo Coolsculpting of the tummy and waistline region.

As recommended to any bride considering Coolsculpting, we suggested that her fat freezing sessions be done several months in advance of the wedding day – to help ensure that her body could undergo the desired transformation in time to get into her wedding dress. In many cases, even a few inches can make a huge difference in terms  of how the bride feels in her designer wedding dress. We typically suggest brides begin their Coolsculpting treatments 4-6 months in advance of the wedding, which leaves plenty of time to consider a sequence of fat freezing sessions if needed.

After just 8 weeks, this young lady was noting a nice improvement in her waistline and tummy –  with a nice thinning and flattening effect as the unwanted fat disappeared. If you could lose unwanted fat around the waistline so you look even more amazing in your wedding dress, why wouldn’t you get Coolsculpted today?

Want to see other examples of Coolscultpting? Click here to see our gallery of before and after Coolsculpting photos.

Wedding Planning and Coolsculpting

Most brides have way too much on their plate to consider and plan for surgical liposuction before their wedding. Plus you never know how the recovery process will go from a surgical procedure. With Coolsculpting, there is plenty of time to fit this in since the procedure can take as little as 45 minutes in our relaxing Coolsculpting treatment room. Plus, there is no recovery and no downtime! And there is no scarring and no needles.

Can you have Coolsculpting done in multiple areas in one day? Absolutely. In fact, a lot of brides may want to get their tummy treated while also targeted unwanted bra fat and arm fat at the same time. One of the best things about Coolsculpting is the fact you can customize your treatments in accordance with the various parts of your body you wish to sculpt.

Wedding and Bridal Consultants

And if you are a wedding or bridal consultant here in San Diego, we would highly recommend you add Coolsculpting by Dr. Hilinski to the checklist of things to do leading up to your clients’ big day. With reasonable pricing schedules offered by Dr. Hilinski and his medspa team of Coolsculpting experts, these treatments won’t break the bank and can be easily budgeted for by the bride. Dr. Hilinski and his team also offer special pricing off Coolsculpting treatment packages throughout the year. So sign up on our mailing list to stay informed.

San Diego Coolsculpting Experts

So why choose us for Coolsculpting fat freezing treatments? Because Dr. Hilinski and his staff are among the best offices in all of San Diego when it comes to Coolsculpting services. Our practice is officially certified by Zeltiq as a Coolsculpting Certified Practice – putting it among the elite practices in all of California when it comes to Coolsculpting. In addition, we have staff members who have graduated from Coolsculpting University – an advanced training center that provides its graduates with highly specialized experience and training in fat freezing technique that puts them head and shoulders above other Coolsculpting practices.

Dr. Hilinski also has two Coolsculpting machines in the office – often times referred to as dual sculpting since the two machines can be used simultaneously on many patients. In doing so, dual sculpting can help cut your Coolsculpting treatment time in half in many cases.

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