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Dysport® is a cosmetic injectable that can effectively rejuvenate the facial appearance by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, especially in areas such as the forehead. The treatment provides many of the same benefits as BOTOX® Cosmetic, and can typically be used as an alternative to the popular injectable. During the consultation, Dr. John Hilinski will listen to each patient’s aesthetic concerns, evaluate their physical needs, and determine if Dysport® is the most beneficial injectable to use for their needs. For the right candidates, Dysport® can create a smoother, more youthful facial aesthetic with extremely natural-looking results.

Dysport® works by relaxing the overactive facial muscles that lead to facial lines. It does this by temporarily preventing them from contracting, which smoothes the associated lines and wrinkles. Dysport® is especially beneficial when used to treat lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows, though it can also be used in the lower face and around the eyes. With Dr. Hilinski’s advanced expertise with administering cosmetic injectables, he is able to help patients rejuvenate their facial appearance with subtle yet beautiful results.

The Dysport® Treatment

Prior to a Dysport® injectable session, some patients may wish to receive a topical numbing agent to reduce pain and discomfort. These individuals will be given a prescription and should apply the numbing agent 45-60 minutes before arriving for their treatment.

A Dysport® injectable session takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, depending on the number of target areas. Dr. Hilinski will use a very fine needle to inject Dysport® into the areas of concern, paying close attention to how this will affect the overall facial aesthetic. Results can begin to be seen within 24 hours of treatment.

Most patients can return to their daily schedule immediately after leaving our office. No downtime is typically needed, although it is recommended to avoid vigorous activity for 24 hours. However, some patients may find the injectable site may develop mild bruising, swelling, or redness within the first few days, though this should quickly fade.

Dysport® results have shown to last up to six months, but most patients will enjoy three months of wrinkle reduction. Patients can maintain their positive results with routine follow-up treatments. For a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation, Dr. Hilinski may recommend combining Dysport® with a dermal filler to address age-related concerns in other areas of the face.

To learn if Dysport® is the right treatment for your age-related facial concerns, please contact us to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dysport Case Examples

Dysport Forehead Injection

Below is a great example of how Dysport® is used to reduce forehead wrinkle formation in a younger, female patient. Her actual Dysport® diagram is included, which shows precisely where the Dysport® was injected. It was placed mostly along the lower forehead region – just above the eyebrows – in order to control the main frowning muscles. The mid to upper forehead was only injected sparingly as is shown – so as to minimize chances of causing her brow to drop down. The video comparison side-by-side shows how incredibly effective Dysport® can be in wrinkle reduction.

Dysport Forehead & Crow’s Feet Injection

Here is a great before and after video of Dysport® use in a male patient to control unwanted forehead and crow’s feet wrinkle formation. Dysport® is particularly great in the crow’s feet region – where it can diffuse around a bit better than Botox – to better control wrinkles while maintaining a nice, natural look.

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