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Radiesse® Hand Injection

Radiesse® is a great option for anyone seeking rejuvenation of their hands. More specifically, Radiesse® can be used to restore desired volume along the back of the hand in patients who exhibit signs of aging. These patients are bothered by the appearance of hollows and shadows that are the telltale signs of aging seen on the back of the hands. This undesirable look is usually the result of gradual and continual soft tissue volume loss and thinning. The end result is a more aged hand with prominent veins and tendons.

RadiesseMerzGradingScaleThis type of hand aging is readily seen in the adjacent photo that was created by Merz, the makers of Radiesse®. As the aging process occurs, you can appreciate how the back of the hand tends to lose some of the fatty tissue. As this aging process unfolds further, the veins and tendons of the hand become more and more visible – revealing a much more aged looking hand. This appearance is precisely what bothers many patients who feel as if their hands are contributing to them looking older.

Radiesse® is the only current FDA-approved injectable filler that can be used to counteract these signs of aging to help restore lost volume in the hands. In fact, in recent years, Radiesse® hand rejuvenation treatments have become increasingly popular across the country.

Radiesse® Hand Treatment

RadiesseHandsMerzRadiesse® hand treatment, or Radiesse® hand rejuvenation, is a relatively straight-forward, office-based procedure. The treatment involves placement of Radiesse® filler under the skin along the back of the hand. The actual injection is quite comfortable because the injectable Radiesse® filler contains lidocaine solution. Although some patients may experience a slight pinprick, there is an immediate numbing effect that is noted as the Radiesse® is injected under the skin. Dr. Hilinski will use the Radiesse® very strategically to target the most prominent areas of aging along the back of the hand. Immediately after injecting the Radiesse®, Dr. Hilinski will begin to sculpt the filler to achieve as much smoothing effect as possible. Within minutes of the Radiesse® injection, you should see a nice improvement where the Radiesse® filler actually plumps out the soft tissue to create a more youthful look.

Most patients will require at least one syringe of Radiesse® per hand to achieve the desired level of improvement. In some cases where there is more aging changes noted, additional syringes would be indicated to achieve a more substantial improvement.

In terms of duration of effect, Radiesse® will typically provide a visual improvement for upwards of one year.

If you have unwanted signs of aging involving the back of your hands, contact Dr. Hilinski’s office today to consult with him regarding use of Radiesse® injectable filler for hand rejuvenation.

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