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Lip Enhancement

Over time, our lips gradually begin to lose volume, causing them to become thinner and lose their shapely contour. As the upper and lower lips thin, this can cause an older-looking appearance, even making some individuals look angry. Lip enhancement, also called lip augmentation, can be an effective solution for restoring the natural plumpness of the lips.

The procedure can involves surgical and/or non-surgical techniques to enhance the lips depending on your unique needs. Materials used to enhance the lips can be either temporary or permanent. These materials include Restylane®, Alloderm, fat transfer and alloplastic implants (synthetic materials). Nearly all of these choices result in lip enhancement with an overall soft, natural feeling.

Temporary Lip Enhancement

Temporary treatments take minutes to perform and can be done in a simple office visit. Dermal filler injectables like Restylane® can be used to enhance the lips, with or without an anesthetic. Patients can expect results to last about six to nine months on average, at which time they can choose to return for follow-up treatments.

Permanent Lip Enhancement

For permanent lip enhancement, Dr. Hilinski utilizes medical-grade implant materials that have been proven to be safe and reliable. A local anesthetic is typically used to numb the area, and for most patients, the incisions are made in the corners of the mouth to easily be concealed. Fat transfer is another viable option for long-lasting enhancement. This treatment also involves the use of a local anesthetic to maximize patient comfort. Fat is harvested from one area and transferred into the lips through tiny incisions.

Surgisil PermaLip

The latest advancement in permanent lip enhancement procedures is the Surgisil PermaLip silicone implant. Unlike its predecessors, the PermaLip implant is made of a softer, tapered silicone material that gently but effectively augments the natural size and shape of your lips. The PermaLip implant was designed with a smooth, non-porous surface that allows gentle placement into the lip. The implant will not rupture or lose any volume after placement, which was a concern with some other forms of permanent lip augmentation.

Swelling and bruising are rare after Restylane® treatment, but may be more pronounced following permanent enhancement. These side effects may last for three to seven days.

Whichever path you choose, lip enhancement can help to restore the gentle curves and supple appearance characteristic of attractive, youthful lips. If you have any additional questions, please visit our frequently asked questions about lip enhancement or contact us to schedule your consultation.

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