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Erbium Laser Peel

The erbium YAG laser, or erbium laser for short, is an incredibly popular aesthetic device that can be used for a variety of cosmetic improvements, including wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, age spot removal, pore reduction, and sunspot removal. The Erbium laser is also used in some cases to treat active and ongoing acne outbreaks by targeting the sebaceous glands. We offer Erbium Laser Peels in our San Diego Medspa for patients who want an effective treatment for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Benefits Of An Erbium Laser Peel

  • Minimal downtime: Many people refer to the erbium laser treatment as a ‘micro laser’ peel – because it is less aggressive than a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser (which means less downtime) yet much more powerful and effective than such treatments like microdermabrasion.
  • ​​Comprehensive skin rejuvenation: Erbium laser peel helps improve skin texture, tone, and elasticity, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance.
  • Wrinkle reduction: By removing the damaged outer layer of skin and encouraging collagen remodeling, erbium laser peel can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, particularly around the eyes, mouth, and forehead.
  • Scar reduction: Erbium laser peel can be used to reduce the appearance of acne scars, surgical scars, and other types of scars. The laser ablates the top layer of damaged skin, allowing healthier skin to grow in its place. Over time, this can lead to a significant improvement in the texture and visibility of scars.
  • Hyperpigmentation treatment: Erbium laser peel can help address hyperpigmentation issues such as age spots, sun spots, melasma, and other pigmented skin lesions. The laser targets and breaks up excess melanin (pigment) in the skin, leading to a more even skin tone and reduced pigmentation irregularities.
  • Highly customizable: Erbium laser peel can be customized to address specific concerns and skin types. The laser settings can be adjusted based on the depth of treatment required, making it suitable for a wide range of skin conditions and skin tones.

How Does An Erbium Laser Work?

The erbium laser emits a 2940 nanometer (nm) wavelength of light that focuses on specific areas of the skin without harming the surrounding tissues. These very short pulses of light energy are preferentially absorbed by the water content that is naturally in your skin. When the water molecules absorb the laser energy, they heat up and subsequently break down. In essence, the Erbium laser is removing the top layer of the skin, which is why it is considered an ablative laser treatment. Additionally, there is stimulation of the deeper skin layers. Ultimately this leads to generation of new collagen—which translates into reduced wrinkles, brighter skin tone, smoother texture and a more youthful look.

Erbium Laser Treatment

Most patients will note the feeling of a warm sensation on the skin as the erbium laser treatment is being performed. Some patients will opt to have a topical numbing medication applied to the skin 30 to 40 minutes in advance of the erbium laser treatment, but this isn’t always necessary. At the conclusion of the erbium laser treatment, your skin will appear slightly red, similar to a sunburn. A soothing, cooling gel is applied by our staff to help with comfort as well as to protect your skin as it heals during the first several days. This regimen of applying an emollient, such as Aquaphor, should be continued several times a day for the first week as needed to keep the skin moisturized and protected.

Erbium Laser Results

It should be noted that everyone heals a bit differently following any type of laser resurfacing procedure, including erbium treatments. In general, a majority of patients notice clearer skin changes within 3-5 d

ays of the treatment. Keep in mind, it may take upwards of 6-8 weeks before full effects of the erbium laser treatment are seen.

Combining Erbium Laser With Rf Microneedling

A particularly powerful synergistic combination is erbium laser resurfacing + RF microneedling with the Pixel8 RF. While the erbium laser allows resurfacing of the outer layers of the skin, the Pixel8 RF creates a nice collagen response within the deeper layers. Consequently, you get a more dramatic cosmetic improvement when combining both of these technologies.

Patients Using Tretinoin

It should be noted that patients who have been taking isotretinoin (Accutane) within the past 9-12 months should not undergo any resurfacing treatment, which includes the erbium laser. The isotretinoin will negatively impact your body’s ability to resurface the treatment areas.

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