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Glacial Skin

Dr. Hilinski and his top-rated team of cosmetic specialists are proud to be able to offer Glacial Rx skin treatment to all of our patients.

What is Glacial Skin?

Glacial Rx, or Glacial skin, is a revolutionary, FDA-approved, office-based cosmetic treatment that helps correct aging, sun-damaged skin and brown spots. This innovative skin enhancement procedure is based on what is called cryomodulation. It is also referred to as cryoaesthetic treatment.

The term ‘cryo’ refers to extremely cold temperatures and is the basis of Glacial skin treatment. The device is designed with a patented cooling technology that essentially freezes melanin production within the dermal layer of tissue. Melanin is the natural pigment found in tissue that is responsible for determining skin and hair color. When you see blotchy, darkly pigmented skin – from the aging process and/or excess sun exposure, for example – it is due to unwanted melanin deposition within the skin.

Glacial Rx uniquely works to slow or suppress melanin production within the tissue by freezing the melanocytes – the biological cells that create melanin. Think of Glacial Rx as a pigment freezing device. As new skin forms it will regenerate without the unwanted pigmentation. The end result is skin that appears refreshed, toned, brighter and generally more youthful.

A fantastic byproduct of Glacial skin treatment is the fact that the skin cooling also helps to reduce redness in the skin. This is linked to suppression of the inflammatory process in the skin, resulting in acceleration of skin exfoliation (turnover). In turn, this produces a more radiant appearing complexion.

The Science of Glacial Skin

What is so exciting about Glacial Rx is the fact that there is nothing else like it there in the world of aesthetic skin treatment.

Here is a quick video demonstration of the science behind Glacial Rx and cryomodulation of the skin.

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Candidates for Glacial Skin

The best candidates for Glacial Rx are those patients who are bothered by age spots and/or sun-damaged skin. In sunny San Diego, this amounts to a significant portion of the population! Age spots can be described as benign, flat discolorations of the skin that are commonly seen in someone’s later years. These bothersome skin lesions can appear brown, tan or even black in terms of color. Because age spots can be affected by chronic prolonged sun exposure, you will also hear people refer to them as sunspots or solar lentigines (liver spots). Although these skin conditions are considered benign, may people are still quite bothered by their distracting appearance. And by virtue of you reading this, you may be one of these people!

Patients who have excessive freckling are also considered great candidates for Glacial Rx skin treatment. In these instances, the freckling cannot be removed entirely. However, the density and prominence of the freckling can be reduced significantly in many patients.

One of the more promising uses of Glacial Rx is in helping to manage patients with melasma. This fairly common and bothersome skin condition causes development of more dominant, dark skin patches. It is more prevalent amongst women versus men. In the former who are pregnant, melasma is called ‘the mask of pregnancy’. Melasma is often aggravated by sun exposure, which makes it particularly challenging to treat here in San Diego. Fortunately, Glacial Rx has shown some real promise in helping to treat melasma – in some cases much more effectively than previous treatment options.

Nearly All Skin Types

One of the most significant advantages of Glacial Rx is the fact that nearly all skin types can be treated in a safe and effective manner. The Fitzpatrick classification is frequently used to describe the various skin types ranging from I to VI. Skin that is type I is very fare and burns readily, while skin type VI is dark or black and never burns. Traditionally, a multitude of lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) machines have been used to treat sunspots and age spots. But, unfortunately, these cosmetic treatments can really only be safely used on patients with Fitzpatrick I to III skin types. Patients with darker skin types carry a much higher risk of complications from laser and IPL treatment, which includes inadvertent darkening and/or lightening of their skin. This is where Glacial Rx takes over as the better choice since the skin freezing technology can be used on nearly all Fitzpatrick skin types with a much wider safety margin.

All Areas of the Body

Another amazing thing about Glacial Rx is the fact that it can be used on essentially all parts of the body. So many people are bothered by age spots, for instance, on the face and neck region. But there is a huge portion of the population that has concerns with pigmented spots elsewhere on the body. For example, arms and legs are a common area for unwanted brown skin spots. No problem! Glacial Rx works just as effectively off the face as it does on the face.

Glacial Rx Skin Treatment

Because of the innovative technology, Glacial Rx is truly considered one of the most relaxing and soothing skin treatments out there! In fact, it is so comfortable that there is no need for numbing medication. The office-based procedure typically takes about 45 minutes in our medical spa. Isolated, spot treatment of single lesions can take just minutes. Right after the procedure, a proprietary skincare product is applied to the treatment area in order to promote optimal healing and tissue response.

Full results from Glacial Rx skin treatment will usually be manifest around one (1) month after the procedure. While a majority of patients will see significant improvements in their skin following a single treatment, those with much darker skin discoloration may require a second or third Glacial Rx.

Side effects are considered very rare. Some patients note mild redness while others will see short-term darkening of the skin, which resolve on their own.

The Promise of a Laser. The Luxury of a Facial.

Glacial Skin Premium Provider

Dr. Hilinski is one of first two plastic surgeons in San Diego to be approached by Glacial Rx to become one of their premium providers. As such, he is considered one the leading experts in using Glacial Rx.

Glacial Skin Results

Here are just a few examples of what amazing results you can see with Glacial Rx.

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