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Vein Treatment

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Are you bothered by the sight of a prominent blood vessel on your nose? Do you have unwanted spider veins that disrupt an otherwise smooth complexion? Is the red discoloration from rosacea getting to be an issue? Fortunately, we can help with vein treatment in San Diego. Overseen by board-certified physician Dr. John Hilinski, our Med Spa team offers a safe and effective solution for cosmetic vein issues in the form of a vascular laser device.

How Laser Vein Removal Works

We utilize a long-pulsed YAG laser to help reduce unwanted veins and other vascular skin lesions. Energy from the laser is preferentially absorbed by hemoglobin, which is the red substance that circulates in all veins. Therefore, when the laser is aimed at a vein, the blood vessel absorbs the energy—causing it to heat up and collapse on itself. This results in the blood vessel becoming less visible through the skin surface.

What Types Of Veins Can Be Treated With Laser?

In our practice we commonly treat prominent blood vessels with the laser, including the following:

  • Spider veins
  • Telangiectasias
  • Face veins
  • Leg veins
  • Rosacea

What Skin Types Can Be Treated?

Because the laser has a long-pulse feature, it can be used on skin of all types.

Laser Vein Treatment: What To Expect

Laser vein treatment is quick and effective in most instances. The laser treatment only takes 20-30 minutes typically. Patients will commonly describe a rubber band snapping sensation with the laser treatment, but it is easily tolerated by most patients.

Some patients will notice mild, transient inflammation—a more diffuse redness and swelling—where the vein was treated, but most patients will have little to no real downtime. If you notice any scabbing of the treatment area, do not pick at it. Simply apply a topical emollient, such as Aquaphor, for a few days.

How Many Laser Vein Treatments Will I Need?

In many cases, only a single laser vein treatment is needed to substantially reduce the appearance of a vein. However, there are some patients that may need to return for additional treatments to further improve the outcome.

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