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Tummy Tuck Without Surgery

Here is another fantastic example of how Coolsculpting can give you a non-surgical tummy tuck. This female patient from San Diego wanted to have a flatter tummy - but didn't want an invasive plastic surgery procedure. She came to Dr. Hilinski and his team of Coolsculpting experts. She is undergoing a series of fat freezing sessions - but we couldn't resist showing her photos 5 weeks after just one (1) single treatment! It doesn't take... Continue Reading
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Double Chin Cool Mini

Have a double chin that you have struggled with over the years? Do you exercise like crazy and keep a strict diet - only to still be bothered by unwanted neck fat that gives you a double chin? Come see San Diego's #1 team of Coolsculpting and Cool Mini experts to undergo treatment for your double chin deformity. Dr. John Hilinski and his staff of certified Coolsculpting experts are San Diego's leading team when it... Continue Reading
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Cool Mini Double Chin Treatment

Here is a great video that highlights just how effective Coolsculpting can be when it comes to contouring the neck and giving the appearance of having a neck lift - just without the surgery! Many people refer to this problem as having a double chin. This younger female patient was bothered by the excess, unwanted fat under her chin - and desired to have something done to give her a better jawline and neckline. After... Continue Reading
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Abdominal Etching in Fit Male

Can Coolsculpting be done to help patients who are already fit and in shape? Absolutely. For example, take a look at this male patient from San Diego who is already in great shape from working out regularly. He desired to have Coolsculpting to target some residual fat along the upper abdomen region. Dr. Hilinski's Coolsculpting experts helped him out with just a few simple sessions of fat freezing. The result was some nice abdominal etching... Continue Reading
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Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation

See what Renuvion J Plasma skin rejuvenation can do for you. Here is an older, female patient from San Diego who desired to look more rested and youthful. Dr. Hilinski and her decided to proceed with this revolutionary helium gas skin rejuvenation treatment. Here are some close-up photos of her skin showing just how powerful J Plasma can be when it comes to turning back the clock. You can readily appreciate just how aged her... Continue Reading
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Nefertiti Neck Lift

What is this Nefertiti neck lift that you see mentioned as a non-surgical option to enhance your jaw and neck line? San Diego's best Botox injector, Dr. John Hilinski, tries to explain it here. The Nefertiti neck lift is essentially a Botox injection treatment that is intended to target the muscles that pull the jaw and neck down. This primarily consists of the platysma muscle - which is a broad, thin muscle that spans the... Continue Reading
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Laser Mole Removal

Here is another example of how Dr. Hilinski uses a CO2 laser to help reduce the visibility of a raised mole along the upper lip region. This patient, a male, was bothered by the fact he continuously cut the mole while shaving. This is not unusual for male patients with raised moles around the facial hair-bearing region. Dr. Hilinski discussed the various options available to him - ranging from shaving with a surgical blade to... Continue Reading
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Large Ear Made Smaller

Yet another amazing case of ear reduction performed by San Diego cosmetic ear specialist, Dr. John Hilinski. If you research ear reduction surgery online, you are likely going to find that Dr. Hilinski is the country's leading expert when it comes to making large ears smaller in size. He has grown this niche segment of his plastic surgery practice over many years - accumulating the most experience and knowledge when it comes to making patient's... Continue Reading
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Making A Large Ear Smaller

No - this is not another case of otoplasty, or ear pinning. Look more closely. This amazing result came about after Dr. Hilinski performed macrotia, or scapha ear reduction, surgery on this young female patient. She was bothered by the fact that her ears were too large - as seen from top to bottom. So Dr. Hilinski reduced the upper portion of her ear by taking away skin and cartilage - then reducing the earlobe... Continue Reading

Microneedling Hand Rejuvenation

Can microneedling be used to rejuvenate the hands? Absolutely! Take a look at the adjacent photo of a patient who underwent 2 microneedling SkinPen sessions on their left side (our right looking at the photo). As you can readily see, there is a marked improvement in the appearance of the hand following microneedling. What fantastic results for a minimally invasive, office-based procedure that is done with just topical anesthesia. So many people forget about their... Continue Reading
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Best Microneedling in San Diego

Thinking of getting microneedling treatment to enhance your skin's appearance? Why not come to the best microneedling office in San Diego? Our microneedling experts - guided by board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski - use the only FDA-approved microneedling pen - the SkinPen - to get you the best results possible. Microneedling is a fantastic office-based, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can rejuvenate your skin in a few, short sessions with minimal downtime.... Continue Reading

Amazing Neck Lift Results!

Check out these amazing results from Coolsculpting's Cool Mini treatment to help lift the neck. If you happen to have unwanted neck fat and/or a double chin deformity, CoolMini fat freezing may be the answer for you! This younger lady was bothered by excess fat accumulation under the chin and wanted a more defined neck and jawline. But she wasn't really interested in undergoing a surgical procedure. She consulted with San Diego's best Coolsculpting medspa... Continue Reading
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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Here is a recent example of non-surgical fat reduction to help contour the lower abdomen in this male patient from San Diego. This Coolsculpting patient desired to have a flatter stomach with removal of unwanted fat in the lower abdomen region. You can see in this oblique photo how he had shadowing below the tummy pooch as well as on the sides. This is because his abdomen had excess fat contributing to these contours. Following... Continue Reading

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