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Lower Lip Advancement

A lower lip mucosal advancement is a surgical procedure that involves use of the tissue already present in the lip to create more volume. Lower lip augmentation is typically accomplished in most offices by using a variety of injectable fillers to create a more volumized, or plumper, appearance. In my office, I offer this additional option of using a lower lip mucosal advancement to achieve a more permanent solution.

Lip19FrontalHorizDiagA lower lip mucosal advancement procedure involves careful, strategic rearrangement of the soft tissue along the inner lining of the lip to make the lip appear fuller and more esthetically pleasing. This highly specialized method of lip enhancement is based on use of what we call a V-Y advancement flap.

What this means is that I make an incision (or cut) in the shape of a ‘V’ along the inner lining of the lower lip. This is seen in the above photo diagram as indicated by the yellow dotted lines. These correspond to the planned incisions made on the inside surface of the lower lip – referred to as the mucosal surface. Once the tissue has been mobilized, the ‘V’ is reoriented or rearranged to make the shape of a ‘Y’ as seen on the right side. In this process of performing a V to Y, the tissue corresponding to the white dot remains in its same position. As the cut edges of the mucosal tissue are sewn together to form a ‘Y’ shape, the tissue corresponding to the red dot is ‘advanced’ upward toward the opening of them mouth. You can see how much tissue rearrangement is accomplished by looking at the change in positioning of the red dot. By ‘pushing’ this tissue upward from the inside, the lower lip is provided with the appearance of more fullness as seen from the frontal view. One of the great features of this type of lower lip mucosal advancement is the fact the incisions are all made along on the inner lining of the lip – thus avoiding any real obvious external scars.

Here is a typical example of what a patient looks like before and after lower lip mucosal advancement surgery to create a fuller, plumper lower lip. As you can see, this young lady now has a lower lip that is visually more shapely and feminine as a result of the lower lip advancement flap – and with no obvious scarring that can be seen and no need to return annually for injectable filler treatment! (Of note, an upper lip lift was also performed at the same time)

Planning Your Lower Lip Advancement

Average Cost: $3,500
Average Procedure Time: 1.5 hours
Average Recovery Time: 7 days
Post-Op Consultation: 2 months
*Procedure pricing and results with Dr. Hilinski may vary. Your personalized treatment plan and pricing will be determined at your consultation appointment.
If you are considering permanent lower lip enhancement to create a fuller, plumper lip without the use of injectable fillers, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with San Diego lip enhancement expert, Dr. John Hilinski.

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