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Virtual Online Consultation

A significant percentage of Dr. Hilinski’s patients reside outside of the San Diego and southern California area. In fact, many of this patients are international and come from overseas to have Dr. Hilinski perform their surgery. Since establishing his practice, he has had patients from literally all over the world come to San Diego for facial plastic surgery.

Most of these patients discover Dr. Hilinski after conducting online research regarding their procedure of interest. Given the obvious difficulties associated with traveling to California for a consultation, Dr. Hilinski offers virtual, online consultations using Zoom or Skype for out-of-town patients.


Zoom is one of the easiest ways to consult with Dr. Hilinski online.

Fortunately,  you DO NOT have to have a Zoom account to attend a Zoom consult with Dr Hilinski. However, you will be prompted to download the Zoom software application once you have clicked on the link that will be provided to you via email. If you already have a Zoom account, you may simply use that for access to the online consultation.

Once you have scheduled a virtual consultation with our office staff, you will be sent an email invitation for the planned date and time. Within the body of this email will be a link to the Zoom meeting. In the meantime, you should go ahead and download the Zoom application (here is the link to download Zoom). When the time comes for your scheduled consultation, simply click on the email link and follow the instructions given to see Dr. Hilinski online!


If you wish to schedule a Skype consultation with Dr. Hilinski, you MUST HAVE A VALID SKYPE ACCOUNT PRIOR TO CALLING THE OFFICE TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. If you do not have a valid account, you will not be scheduled for an online appointment.

If you currently do not have Skype, here is a link to the Skype website where you can download the application and sign up for an account. Download the desktop version of Skype. DO NOT USE YOUR MOBILE DEVICE WHEN YOU SKYPE WITH DR. HILINSKI.

Once you have successfully signed up and activated your Skype account, you may then contact our office to schedule a consult.

Be prepared to provide our office staff with your Skype username. Where is this found?

In the top righthand corner you will see a dropdown menu with ‘My account’ as the first option.

The next page will display a blue banner on the left side with an option to choose ‘Account settings’.

Your ‘Skype Name’ will be displayed as shown here. Make sure you provide our office staff with an accurate spelling of this name.

Add ‘drhilinski’ to your contact list within Skype. Then send him an introductory message, such as “Hello, My name is ________. I have a consultation with Dr. Hilinski via Skype.”

On the day of your Skype consultation with Dr. Hilinski, make sure you (1) are seated in a well lighted area with the light directed at your face, (2) have your volume turned up appropriately, and (3) do not have any distractions in the background.

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