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Facial Reconstruction

Reconstruction involves corrective surgery to repair a wide variety of facial cosmetic deformities arising from skin cancer surgery or accidental trauma. In some instances, the deformity can be quite debilitating and may even cause chronic pain or discomfort.

Depending on what type of deformity exists, a wide variety of reconstructive options may be of benefit to you. These range from minor cosmetic procedures such as scar revision (see above) to more formal reconstructive surgery involving grafts or implants. When a rather severe deformity exists, facial reconstruction may require multiple staged (one after another) procedures over a certain period of months to years.

In many cases of facial reconstruction, particularly those resulting from trauma or cancer removal, surgery is covered by your health insurance carrier. If you are dissatisfied with your facial appearance as a result of a cancer or trauma, consult with Dr. Hilinski to see what treatment options are available to you.

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