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Lop Ear

Lop ear deformity is a condition that results from abnormal development of the top portion of the ear. It is also commonly referred to as a constricted ear or cup ear deformity.  The hallmark of a lop ear deformity is a helical rim (the top border of the ear) that is folded over. This can be mild in some cases or rather severe in others. When the segment of the ear just inside of the... Continue Reading
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Fixing Protruding Ears in San Diego

Did you know that Dr. Hilinski is one of the nation's leading experts when it comes to fixing protruding ears? In fact, Dr. Hilinski is actually considered one of the world's foremost authorities on cosmetic ear reshaping - having earned an international reputation with patients coming from all over the globe to get their new ears! Otoplasty, or ear pinning, for prominent, protruding ears is among the most common surgeries he performs. There are so... Continue Reading
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Glacial Rx for Inflamed Skin

Did you know that revolutionary Glacial Rx skin treatments can help improve inflamed skin? In addition to helping reduce unwanted sunspots, aged spots and other skin blemishes, this cutting-edge freezing technology has been shown to greatly improve inflamed, erythematous (red) skin conditions. The beauty of Glacial Rx is that it can do so with minimal downtime and healing. In fact, as we say to our patients, think of Glacial Rx as the "Promise of a... Continue Reading
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Ear Pinning for Kids

Did you know that Dr. Hilinski performs more otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, than most plastic surgeons in practice? In fact, we would go so far as to say that he does more cosmetic ear surgery than any other plastic surgeon here in San Diego. Testimony to this is his incredibly vast photo gallery of amazing ear pinning results. Just take a look for yourself and you see that he has example after example of... Continue Reading
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One-Sided Ear Pinning

We get many patient inquiries about having just one ear pinned back. There are quite a few patients out there who are bothered by one ear sticking out - while the other is totally normal looking. That is just the case here where this male patient had one ear - his left side - that just stuck out along the top half. He was happy with the position and shape of his right ear. So... Continue Reading
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Ear Reduction Experience

Want to know what it is like having your large ears made smaller in size? Have you been bothered by excessively big ears your whole life and now want to consider ear reduction surgery? Maybe your journey and experience are similar to Manny's when it comes to having big ears. Take a look here and enjoy his candid discussion.
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Otostick for Big Ears

As someone who sees patients quite regularly for surgical correction of big ears, I have heard from several patients saying they were using Otostick to help make their ears look less prominent. So what is Otostick? And is this a long-term option for patients with ears that stick out too far? Otostick is basically an over-the-counter device that was designed to give patients a non-surgical option to pin their ears back closer to the side... Continue Reading
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Shaving Your Hair For Transplant?

Many patients ask whether or not their hair will need to be shaved in preparation for hair transplantation surgery. The short answer is yes for follicular unit extraction, or FUE. In the region where the hair is being taken from (called the donor site) we will need to shave the hair down to an appropriate level that allows us to harvest the grafts more readily. But it is not as if we shave the entire... Continue Reading
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Do Hair Grafts Look Natural?

Do hair grafts look natural? Absolutely! Modern day techniques for hair transplant have advanced considerably compared with the days of hair 'plugs' as they were called. Nowadays, hair restoration surgery can provide you with a new hair line that blends very naturally with your native hair. This is in great part due to expert hair transplant surgical technique that allows us to use the finest, delicate micro grafts in recreating lost hairlines. In doing so,... Continue Reading
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Does Coolsculpting Actually Work?

We get asked all the time from prospective patients - does Coolsculpting actually work? Can you really freeze fat away without having liposuction surgery? It almost sounds way too good to be true. But it isn't! Just take a look at this case example provided here, which visually demonstrates to you that Coolsculpting actually does work to freeze fat away - and can do so with fairly dramatic improvement. This 77 year old female from... Continue Reading
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Pinning Effect of Ear Reduction

Here is a great 2 minute video that shows how Dr. Hilinski can make the ear look pinned back using macrotia ear reduction surgery technique. So many patients who have excessively big ears end up undergoing traditional otoplasty surgery, or ear pinning. Unfortunately, many of these patients end up in our office still unhappy with their excessively large ears. That is because ear pinning can help make the ear look a little less prominent from... Continue Reading
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Ear Pinning Expert

Who does more otoplasty, or ear pinning, than any other facial plastic surgeon in San Diego? Our guess is that Dr. John Hilinski performs ear pinning surgery more frequently than all other plastic surgeons here in town. If you look, for example, at his online photo gallery of otoplasty results, you will find that Dr. Hilinski has more real-life examples of ear pinning compared with most doctors in San Diego. Here is just one of... Continue Reading

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