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We strongly encourage all of our Botox and Juvederm patients in San Diego to join the Alle rewards program offered by Allergan. This was previously referred to as Brilliant Distinctions.

Alle was established to help reward Botox and Juvederm patients for their loyalty to Allergan cosmetic products and services.

The following diagram highlights the various skin care products and cosmetic services that fall under the umbrella of Alle. As you can see, there is a tiered system that allows you to earn different points for different levels of products and services. So don’t miss out on any opportunity to get credit when you receive any of the following from Dr. Hilinski’s office!

New to Alle?

Are you new to Alle? Sign up now by following the link provided here.

Already an Alle Member?

Are you already a Alle member? Use this link here to sign into your membership account to earn or redeem points.

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