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Nasal Bridge Surgery

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Saddle Nose Deformity

A saddle nose deformity refers to a marked depression or collapse along the mid portion of the nasal bridge. It is described as such because it resembles the look of a saddle when looking at the nose from the side view. This is visually demonstrated in the adjacent diagram showing precisely where the nose collapses in most cases of a saddle nose deformity. Because of the appearance, this type of abnormality has been also referred... Continue Reading
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Osteotomies – Narrowing a Wide Nasal Bridge

Osteotomies are a specific maneuver performed during rhinoplasty surgery to help narrow a wide nasal bridge and/or to straighten a crooked bridge. This rhinoplasty tutorial here focuses on the former - using osteotomies to narrow what is seen as a wide nasal bone. This young lady consulted with me for a variety of reasons related to the cosmetic appearance of her nose. One of her main issues was that her nasal bones (and nasal bridge)... Continue Reading
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African-American Nose Job

This is a great case example that illustrates many of the considerations involved in African-American rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery. Like many African-American rhinoplasty patients seeking nose job surgery, this young lady from San Diego found my office after researching rhinoplasty surgery online. She then schedule a consultation with my office to determine whether or not cosmetic nose surgery was an appropriate choice for her. African-American Rhinoplasty Presentation On presentation, her main desire was to have... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Transformation

In some cases of cosmetic rhinoplasty, the changes made to the shape of the nose can have a much more dramatic impact on the overall facial appearance. This is a great example of such a case. This young lady from San Diego consulted with me in the hopes of having cosmetic nose reshaping surgery. More specifically, she did not like the bump on the bridge and the wide appearance as seen from the frontal view. In... Continue Reading

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