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Sculptra Cheek Contouring

Sculptra11FacebookThis is a nice example of what Sculptra cosmetic injections can do in terms of cheek enhancement. This pleasant lady consulted with me regarding possible augmentation of her cheek region. After discussion, we both decided that Sculptra would be a great choice for her. Sculptra cosmetic happens to be one of my favorite volumizing treatments for the face. The visible benefits of Sculptra happen somewhat gradually over the first few weeks after an office-based treatment and can last upwards of two years in many cases. Plus, Sculptra enhances facial contour by stimulating your body’s own collagen response. In this particular case, I used 3 vials of Sculptra to achieve these results. Notice that she now has improved volume throughout the cheek region with excellent highlights seen in terms of shape and contour – the type of result that we often used to see with cheek implant placement. But now, this type of cosmetic cheek enhancement can be accomplished with Sculptra injection without undergoing surgery. If you are interested in cheek enhancement with Sculptra cosmetic, do not hesitate in contacting one of San Diego’s leading Sculptra injectors.

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