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Meet Our Staff

Nicole – Surgical Consultant

Nicole is our office’s surgical consultant who will help guide you through the process of meeting Dr. Hilinski and discussing your desired plastic surgery procedure. She will also help you through the decision-making period and, ultimately, shepherd you through the actual surgery and recovery process.

Nicole came to Dr. Hilinski’s office with prior experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, in addition to over 10 years in the aesthetic industry. She is the often times the pleasant voice you will hear when calling to schedule a new appointment with Dr. Hilinski. She is also a great resource for all of your questions and concerns. Nicole is knowledgeable on all the procedures we offer and can answer any questions you might have before and after surgery. She is also a great contact for any patients traveling from out of town.

Nicole is originally from Northern California and lives with her husband Mario and their three dogs – Zoe, Boone and Nacho. In her free time, Nicole likes to explore restaurants throughout San Diego and enjoys motorcycle riding with her husband.

Nelly – Front Office

Nelly has been in the medical field for many years. She started in other specialties as a surgical patient coordinator before gravitating towards facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Always wanting to establish herself in the cosmetic industry, Nelly was hired as our receptionist and is the warm and friendly voice you first hear when you call. She is also the first smiling face you see when you come into our office! Nelly loves to interact with patients and provides a caring experience for all patients.

Outside of the office, Nelly loves to spend time with her daughter, Shantal, at the park. She also enjoys “beautifying” people and is a certified eyebrow artist (microblading) and a freelance make-up artist.

Deb – Business Office

Deb has been working with Dr. Hilinski for several years now in her main capacity as the Business Administrator. She brings with her expert knowledge of facial plastic surgery and patient care. Her vibrant smile and uplifting personality are an added bonus for our office.

Deb is also a Registered Nurse and supervises our team of perioperative nurses here in The Hilinski Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Outside of the office, Deb enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons. She enjoys exercising outdoors and riding her bike along the beach.

Jayson – Surgical Technician

Jayson is the surgical technician that works alongside Dr. Hilinski during surgery. He is an outstanding and highly qualified surgical technician, being certified through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. He has been working here with Dr. Hilinski for sometime now and is our primary surgical technician. Jayson does a great job to ensure each patient is as comfortable as can be upon entering the surgery center. His friendly personality and top-notch skills are a great asset to our surgery center.

Kathy – Perioperative Registered Nurse

Kathy is The Hilinski Ambulatory Surgery Center’s lead perioperative Registered Nurse. She has extensive experience in clinical nursing and is a wonderful resource for all of our patients having surgery at The Hilinski Ambulatory Surgery Center. Kathy has been working with Dr. Hilinski for almost 10 years! Kathy is the person you will likely be accompanied by prior, during and after surgery.

Outside of the operating room, Kathy enjoys spending time with her dog, Radish, and also creates her own jewelry and skin care products!

Dr. Carusillo – Anesthesiologist

Dr. Carusillo is our head anesthesiologist at The Hilinski Ambulatory Surgery Center. He provides our patients with a safe, comfortable surgical experience. Dr. Carusillo is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology. He has extensive experience in facial plastic surgery, having been in private practice here in San Diego for many years now. Dr. Carusillo is well versed in outpatient facial plastic surgery and care of patients undergoing the various cosmetic facial enhancement procedures that we offer.

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