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Immediate Effects of Lower Eyelid Restylane Injection

Patients ask me all the time what they might look like immediately following a Restylane treatment to the lower eyelid – cheek region. As they say – a picture is worth a thousand words. So here is a quick photo example of what you can expect to look like within minutes of having Restylane injected along the lower eyelid region. This gentleman was actually referred to me by another plastic surgeon for treatment of his lower eyelid region. As you can see from his before photo, he has heavy ‘bags’ that are contributing to a more tired, aged look along the lower eyelids. Looking closer though, you can appreciate that he is actually more hollowed below the bags, which is really the more relevant finding on his examination. Instead of undergoing an invasive surgery to remove the fat and lift the lower eyelid (essentially a ‘lower blepharoplasty’ surgery), I recommended instead he consider doing an injectable treatment in the office that would help ‘fill out’ the lower eyelid hollows. So that is precisely what I did using Restylane – one of my favorite fillers for treating the mid-face area, or lower eyelid and cheek complex. Using nearly 2.5 cc of Restylane, I was able to provide him with a marked improvement along the lower eyelid region – rivaling what might be possible with something like lower eyelid blepharoplasty surgery. The procedure took about 10 minutes to perform and was tolerated quite well by the patient. The photo comparison provided here shows his results within minutes of having Restylane injection done in the office. As you can see he has some mild redness around the cheek area, which is a result of the injection just performed. This tends to resolve within a few hours. Overall, though, you can see how much of an improvement can be seen with this type of Restylane treatment to the lower eyelid region. Let us know what you think of his results!Filler38FrontalBeforeImmedAfterLabeled


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