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Plastic Surgery Skype Consult

Virtual plastic surgery consultations are becoming increasingly popular as the world becomings smaller and smaller thanks to the world wide web. For those plastic surgery patients outside of San Diego, we have been offering Skype consultations online. This includes several plastic surgery patients that live in outside countries. Many of these cosmetic surgery candidates discovered our San Diego plastic surgery practice while doing online research for their desired facial enhancement procedure. This includes patients seeking out rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), revision rhinoplasty (nose surgery following prior nasal reshaping), facelift (face lift), necklift, chin implant (chin reshaping), ear reshaping (otoplasty) and more. For instance, I just had a Skype consultation with a very nice lady who lives in Dubai. She heard of our plastic surgery practice through a previous facelift patient of mine who had come out from Dubai to have her surgery performed by me. Since there are considerable logistics that need go into planning a plastic surgery procedure from afar, we offer the Skype plastic surgery consultation as a nice preliminary option to meet each other. Although I am not able to physically examine the patient, I am able to gain a nice perspective of what their face and neck region look like. I can also have the patient rotate on camera, giving me an appreciation of their 3-dimensional appearance – a significant advantage over just photos. There is certainly no substitute for an in-person consultation when it comes to deciding on plastic surgery. However, a Skype cosmetic surgery consultation is a great way to determine one’s overall candidacy for various plastic surgery procedures.

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