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Preservation Rhinoplasty

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Preservation Rhinoplasty Bridge Reduction

People have been inquiring about preservation rhinoplasty results so we wanted to put up a quick post. This is a young lady who desired lowering of her nasal bridge as well as deprojection of her nasal tip (bringing the tip closer to the face). When you looked at her nose, you could see that it was just a bit oversized for her face. The hump on the nasal bridge certainly contributed to this issue of... Continue Reading
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What Is Preservation Rhinoplasty?

Preservation rhinoplasty is one of the latest and most significant trends in the world of cosmetic nose surgery. So what is preservation rhinoplasty? Preservation rhinoplasty is a specific approach to reshaping the nose that involves preserving as much (if not all) of the native framework (cartilage and bone) in the process of accomplishing the aesthetic goals. In other words, preservation rhinoplasty does not involve traditional removal or resection of cartilage and bone that is so... Continue Reading

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