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Karo Syrup and Eyelid Swelling After Blepharoplasty

Eyelid swelling following blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift, is quite common within the first 72 hours of the recovery period. The eyelid skin is rather thin and, therefore, even a small amount of inflammation will contribute to moderate swelling of the region. Because of this I recommend that all patients apply a cold/ice compress to the eyelids during the first three days of recovery. One handy trick that was recommended to me by one of my patients (thank you Dee Ann!) this past year involved using regular old Karo syrup! Karo is corn syrup that is commonly found in many kitchen cupboards. If placed into a ziplock sandwich bag and then the freezer, it becomes a nearly ideal cold compress for the eyes! The syrup will typically not freeze but does get sufficiently cold for our purpose. Unlike ice and even frozen peas, the cold liquid then conforms very nicely to the contour of the eye and surrounding cheek bone. The Karo syrup maintains a nice cold temperature for quite a while before having to place it back in the freezer. Most patients will keep two bags in the freezer while using one on each eye and rotating them accordingly. What a novel and effective way to keep your eyelid swelling to a minimum following blepharoplasty.

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