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Taping The Nose After Rhinoplasty

Many times I will ask that my patients begin taping their nose following rhinoplasty. This is recommended to encourage your nose skin to adhere down to the underlying cartilage and bone that was just reshaped. In rhinoplasty patients with thin skin, this is usually not necessary. In rhinoplasty patients with thick skin, however, taping for several weeks to months following surgery can be of significant benefit. I will direct you if and when to start doing this as needed. I recommend that my patients use 1/2″ x 3″ steri-strips manufactured by 3M since these seem to provide the best quality tape for our purpose. In the past I have referred most patients to the 3M website since most pharmacies do not carry this specific brand. For my San Diego rhinoplasty patients, we have now discovered a local pharmacy close by in La Jolla that carries these same steri-strips. It is Burns Drugs at 7824 Girard Avenue and their website is Thanks to one of my revision rhinoplasty patients in La Jolla, Julie, for the updated information!

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