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Amazing Results After One Treatment!

Want to know how powerful Coolsculpting can be for many patients? Look at these amazing results of a female patient in her 30s who underwent just one treatment session with our aesthetic RN, Kellie Hartmann. This patient opted to go with a non-surgical treatment to get rid of unwanted fat around the abdomen and flank. The area around the abdomen is also referred to as the peri-umbilical region – which is essentially the area of the abdomen surrounding the belly button. This tummy fat is a difficult thing for many patients to get rid of even with vigorous exercise and a healthy diet. Liposuction is an option if you are willing to undergo an invasive surgical procedure – that includes incisions, scarring and recovery time. If that is something you are not willing to undergo, then Coolsculpting should be your first choice in terms of a non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

After just one treatment with our advanced Coolsculpting technology, this young lady was seen back in 4 weeks. Photos taken at that time are shown here and reveal a notable improvement in her tummy and flank contour.

Coolsculpting Before & After

As you can see here, her tummy looks flatter and tighter on this frontal view. This same improvement can be seen on both the left and right anterior oblique (angled) views as well. On her flank (back angled) views, you can also readily appreciate how the flank fat crease is now virtually gone after the fat was frozen away.

Coolsculpting Consult in San Diego

If you have unwanted tummy and flank fat – and are interested in getting rid of these extra contours with a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment – contact our office today to consult with our team of Coolsculpting specialists.

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