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Non-Surgical Tummy Flattening

Look what kind of results this patient got from two Coolsculpting treatment sessions on her abdomen region. This is one of the only methods to achieve a non-surgical tummy tuck-like result in terms of flattening the stomach area. Although  the overall result is pretty clear – there are a number of things that can be appreciated when you look even closer at her tummy, flank and back. For example, just look at the contour of her lower abdomen region where Coolsculpting has essentially gotten rid of the excess fat. As you come around her waist, you can also see how the fat has disappeared – eliminating the ridge and shadowing in this area – and that can be seen on a 2-D image! When you look at her flank region, you can also easily appreciate how her fat rolls have been markedly improved to give her a more fit figure. You can also see in the photo comparison how her skin just appears tighter and smoother. And all of this was done with just two sessions of our dual-sculpting, Coolsculpting treatment. Literally, there was no needles, no surgery and no downtime to get phenomenol fat freezing results like this! Call our office today to schedule your non-surgical tummy tuck with Kellie Hartmann, Dr. Hilinski’s Coolsculpting aesthetic expert.

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