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Dual Sculpting Arm Fat

Did you know that you can get Coolsculpting for your unwanted arm fat and get it done in half the time it takes many other offices to do the same procedure? That is because San Diego’s #1 Coolsculpting practice – headed by Dr. John Hilinski – has two Coolsculpting machines that can be used at one time. This is termed dual sculpting in the world of Coolsculpting.

Dual sculpting is particularly great for patients who have unwanted arm fat, or flabby arms, and desire a more toned, slimmer look. Shown here is one of our Coolsculpting patients getting an actual treatment done for her arm fat using the dual sculpting technique. As you can see, she has two different Coolsculpting machines attached to her while freezing her arm fat simultaneously. As you can also appreciate, she is smiling because Coolsculpting treatment can be quite relaxing in many regards. You are sitting comfortably in an ergonomically designed treatment chair while watching TV in our specially designed Coolsculpting treatment room. In a short 40-45 minutes, your entire treatment is over and you can be on your way!

If you have flabby arms and are looking to get a bit toner and slimmer for the upcoming springer and summer seasons, contact the best Coolsculpting team in San Diego for your complimentary consultation. When it comes to arm fat, dual sculpting is the only way to go!

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