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Flatter Stomach No Surgery!

So what does it look like when patients get sequential Coolsculpting treatments done? Here is great example of how flat your stomach can get from one and two sessions. This patient from San Diego decided to get Coolsculpted around the abdominal region to achieve a flatter stomach. After just one session, you can see her results here in the middle photo. When comparing her contour and look prior to Coolsculpting, you can see there is a significant overall improvement. Her tummy appears flatter and more tone – and she has a much slimmer waist. She then opted to do a second Coolsculpting treatment several months later to get even better results. The photo on the right shows her evolving results. As you can see, she was able to get an even flatter stomach. And the tone and tightness of her skin around the mid-section is much improved as well. In fact, if you compare her before photo with the latest photo, the results of Coolsculpting are so good, she literally looks like she could have had liposuction or tummy tuck surgery. Yes – freezing fat away without any needles and without any downtime can help achieve cosmetic results that rival surgery!

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