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The New Liposuction

So what is the new liposuction in 2018? Coolsculpting! Freezing fat away with non-surgical methods that do not require any type of anesthesia and have essentially no downtime is all the rage. In the past few years, this technique of getting rid of excess fat has become increasingly popular as an alternative to liposuction surgery. Coolsculpting, including Cool Mini for the neck, is the #1 option if you are searching for non-invasive methods to help you slim down in size while getting your body contoured to the desired shape.

How do you get it done? Easy. Call the office of Dr. Hilinski today to schedule a personalized consult with our aesthetic RN, Kellie Hartmann, who is a trained specialist in Coolsculpting technique. Kellie will give you a complete assessment and provide you with a Coolsculpting game plan to help you get rid of that excess weight once and for all.



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