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Treatment Areas

What are the areas where Bellafill can be used in the face? Originally, Bellafill was FDA approved for injection into the smile lines, also known as a parenthesis deformity. Use of Bellafill to soften these lines is shown in the case example displayed here. The photo on the left side is her face as it appeared when she first met Dr. Hilinski in San Diego. The middle photo shows what her smile lines looked like after one Bellafill injection treatment of the smile lines. On the right is what she looked like after another treatment session a few months later to get an even better result from Bellafill.

But the smile lines are not the only area where Bellafill is used routinely nowadays in the world of cosmetic surgery. Bellafill is also FDA approved for treating unwanted, unsightly acne scars. In these patients, the Bellafill is injected just underneath the scar to make the skin surface appear smoother and more uniform. The following areas are considered ‘off label’ uses for Bellafill. This means that the FDA has not officially recommended it be injected in these areas – but the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry as a whole has accepted as fact that Bellafill can be safely used in these areas for cosmetic enhancement.

Off Label Uses for Bellafill

  • Midface – includes high and low cheeks
  • Jawline – for improved definition and shadowing where the face meets the neck
  • Chin – as an alternative to chin implant placement to help improve chin projection

The one area where you should be incredibly cautious with Bellafill injection is the lip. At this point in time, the risk of developing complications from Bellafill injection are just too high when it comes to the lips. Although you may find some cosmetic doctors that will offer this as a treatment, Dr. Hilinski advises against this.

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