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How Long Do I Need To Wear Bandages After Ear Reshaping?

I get asked this question all the time by my patients undergoing ear reshaping, or otoplasty, here in San Diego. I recently developed a new online ear reshaping tutorial that you can reference to help answer this question and many others. But, in short, I recommend my San Diego ear reshaping patients wear their initial bandage for 1-2 days. This is usually a bulky, gauze wrap that helps compress the newly reshaped ears to prevent blood clots under the skin. We usually replace this with a foam type of wrap that is much more comfortable and can be changed by you, the patient. I like my otoplasty patients to continue wearing the foam wrap for most of the day up to one week out from their ear reshaping procedure. Thereafter, you can wear the wrap at night while sleeping for upwards of 6 weeks out. Hope this helps.

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