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Are The Changes From A Facelift (Face lift) Permanent?

This is a question that is commonly asked by San Diego facelift, or face lift, patients looking to achieve a more youthful, rested facial appearance. In short, the answer to this is – yes. Patients undergoing a facelift procedure to lift and tuck the lower face and upper neck are undergoing a permanent change in their appearance. By definition, lifting the facial skin, then tightening the SMAS layer, followed by removal of the excess skin, is considered a permanent change to the face. Perhaps a better question to ask is ‘how long should my facelift results last?’ Because the reality is that facelift patients will resume the aging process at the moment I place the last suture during their procedure. Assuming you continue to age at an appropriate rate and take care of yourself, most facelift patients can enjoy 5-10 years before having to consider another lift or tuck. In many cases, patients undergo a facelift procedure and never elect to have any further surgery down the road. But the changes that are made during a facelift procedure are definitely considered a permanent change in the anatomy of the face.

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