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Cosmetic Nose Reshaping Without Altering Facial Identity – Finesse Rhinoplasty

I have a significant number of patients who consult with us at our San Diego facial plastic surgery practice regarding what I like to call a ‘finesse’ rhinoplasty procedure. These patients are seeking some type of nasal reshaping procedure to provide them with a cosmetic enhancement in the appearance of their nose. However, a good majority of these patients state they are afraid of looking too different from their rhinoplasty procedure. As I try to emphasize to all of my San Diego nose job patients, the essence of great rhinoplasty surgery is to provide an enhanced look while maintaining a natural facial appearance. As much as we can as rhinoplasty specialists, the aim should be preservation of the overall facial appearance while reshaping the nose to be in balance with the surrounding features.

Another Example of Finesse Rhinoplasty

I have posted other patient examples of finesse rhinoplasty, but thought this was a good example to refresh the topic. This is a very pleasant young female from San Diego who desired cosmetic nose reshaping. She specifically did not wish to have a dramatic overhaul of her facial features. She simply wanted to have the nose reshaped so that some of the distracting features were minimized. On initial consultation with her, I noted a dorsal hump, or bump, on the bridge as well as a slightly rounded looking nasal tip. These features can be seen in the preoperative rhinoplasty photos shown below. Overall, not a bad looking nose, but one that could benefit from some finesse reshaping.

San Diego Finesse Nose Job

We agreed that a finesse nose job would be an appropriate choice for her case. She was taken to the operating room and underwent cosmetic reshaping of the bridge to reduce the height. In addition, I narrowed her nasal tip to provide improved contour and shape. We very specifically did not wish to reduce her bridge height too much as we were trying to maintain a very natural look for her. We also did not do an aggressive reshaping of her nasal tip as we simply wanted to reduce the round, more prominent features of the nose. The end result of this type of finesse nose job, or finesse rhinoplasty, is seen below. As you can easily appreciate, there is a definite change in the appearance of her nose. However, take note that she still looks like herself. But her nose is now more shapely and defined. Her nasal bridge has been reshaped to appear more feminine and her tip is now narrowed sufficiently to provide better definition without being too excessive. Could more have been done with this nose? Certainly, but in this particular case for this specific face with her distinct desires, it was not warranted. Keep in mind that not all nosejob patients want a drastic change in the appearance of their nose. In fact, a majority of rhinoplasty consultations I have absolutely do not want to go in this direction. This rhinoplasty patient now looks better in terms of her nose, which is in balance with her remaining facial features while still looking quite natural, as if she could have been born looking like this. You cannot ask a whole lot more than that when it comes to cosmetic rhinoplasty outcomes. To learn more about cosmetic rhinoplasty, nosejob surgery and nasal reshaping, click here for a link to our rhinoplasty tutorial.

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