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Facial Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in San Diego, CA – Forehead Osteoma

Dr. Hilinski has just added another example of facial reconstructive plastic surgery to our ever-growing San Diego facial plastic surgery photo gallery. This latest case involves a female patient from San Diego who developed a bony growth (called an osteoma) involving her forehead region. Not only was the growth becoming more esthetically displeasing, it was also causing her pain and discomfort. Dr. Hilinski ended up performing the reconstructive facial surgery to remove the bony growth through hidden incisions. The end result is shown in our reconstructive facial plastic surgery photo gallery and demonstrates how this type of surgery can provide a significant improvement with very little evidence of having had something done. If you happen to have something similar to this particular patient and require reconstructive facial plastic surgery in San Diego, CA, please do not hesitate in contacting our office today.

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