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Gauge Earring Repair – Torn Earlobe Repair in San Diego, CA

We are now seeing an increasing number of patients coming to our practice for repair of their gauge earring defects involving their earlobes. This is yet another example of a patient who previously had gauges in his ear and decided to stop wearing them. Unfortunately, like many patients out there, the remaining hole, or defect, in the earlobe was still quite visible. As you can see in the photos provided here, the hole can be seen even from across the room. He finally consulted with our office to discuss his options. I ended up recommended what is considered a standard office-based surgical procedure (otoplasty or ear reshaping) to repair the gauge earring defect. This was done under local anesthesia much like going to the dentist. The procedure took about an hour to do both ears, which had gauge earring defects. The adjacent skin of the earlobe was used to close the holes on both sides. Using meticulous suture technique, both defects were able to be closed very nicely. As you can see here, the end result is a very fine scar that is barely visible to the naked eye. The earlobe now looks essentially completely normal without any signs of having undergone a surgical procedure. If you have had gauged earlobe piercings in the past and are now looking to have the gauge earring defect closed, contact our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of San Diego’s foremost experts in otoplasty surgery.

Before and After Gauge Earring Defect Repair

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