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Migraine Headaches and Botox

Did you know that Botox and Dysport can significantly improve migraine headaches? There are many, many patients here in San Diego who undergo Botox and Dysport treatment – and discover that their migraine headaches are much better after regular treatment. The migraines can be improved in both severity and frequency with Botox and Dysport injections.

There is a specific protocol that many neurologists will use in terms of Botox injection, which involves a well-established pattern of injection to help control migraine headache symptoms. But this is not always needed when it comes to reducing migraine severity and frequency. Some migraine sufferers have trigger points that are located more along the lower forehead and brow region. In this patients, Botox and Dysport injections every three months have been shown to help reduce their migraine attacks – sometimes to the point that migraine medication is no longer necessary.

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