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Smaller Earlobes

Here is a great case example of how an earlobe can be made smaller in size. However, this is not your typical enlarged earlobe.

When this patient first came to see San Diego’s #1 cosmetic ear specialist, Dr. John Hilinski, she simply wanted to have her earlobes made smaller in size. In a great majority of cases, this can be done rather simply (for a board certified plastic surgeon!) by removing the excess skin and soft tissue. But this is mainly done for patients who have a ‘hanging’ earlobe that is just too large.

In this particular case, her earlobes did not hang down off the side of the face. Rather, the earlobes were attached directly to the side of the face and they were elongated. Just take a look at the adjacent photo diagram that shows a very long earlobe – but the whole thing is attached to the face with no real dependent, or hanging, component.

So can an attached and elongated earlobe be made smaller in size with cosmetic ear surgery? Absolutely. Proof of that is shown here by Dr. Hilinski. Over the years, Dr. Hilinski has established himself as San Diego’s leading expert when it comes to plastic surgery of the ear – having performed more cosmetic ear surgery than essentially all plastic surgeons in the city. In addition, he performs a wider variety of cosmetic ear reshaping than nearly all of this peers. And this includes reshaping earlobes such as this where there is excess length (or height) in the setting of being attached to the face.

Earlobe Reduction

So how did Dr. Hilinski go about reshaping this enlarged earlobe? First, he reduced the amount of soft tissue by removing the excess from the bottom of the earlobe. In this manner, he was better able to conceal or camouflage the resulting scar. After all, there is no way of doing this type of surgery without creating a scar. But in most cases, this scar can be ‘hidden’ nicely from the naked eye. Second, he then had to tackle the issue of how the new, smaller earlobe would attach to the side of the face. This was done by creating a new attachment point and carefully suturing the skin edges together so that it looked nice and natural. As you can see, her new earlobe looks essentially like she could have been born like this – just without the elongated shape and size. And how much smaller are her new earlobes? Just take a closer look at her old piercings, which were not moved in the process. Based on this simple landmark, you can see that the earlobes are now considerably shorter. If you have elongated earlobes and desire smaller ones, don’t hesitate in contacting San Diego’s #1 expert in cosmetic ear reshaping, Dr. John Hilinski.


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