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Neck Skin Tightening

By now you may have heard of a revolutionary new technology that has gained popularity in the cosmetic surgery world. It is called J Plasma by Renuvion. Here is quick case example of how J Plasma can be used to help tighten neck skin using a minimally invasive approach.

This very pleasant lady from San Diego desired to have something done to help with her crepey neck skin. Like so many middle-aged women, she was bothered by the fact that her neck skin had become looser and more laxed. She wanted to undergo a cosmetic treatment, but did not necessarily desire to have a formal surgical face and neck lift procedure. After consulting with Dr. Hilinski, San Diego’s first plastic surgeon to offer J Plasma, she opted to go with his recommendations for a more minimally invasive procedure.

Dr. Hilinski ended up performing what is called a J Plazty procedure on her – which is based on J Plasma energy that is used to tighten the neck and lower face skin from underneath. The procedure is performed under only local anesthesia where numbing medicine is injected under the skin to provide total comfort. Three small incisions are made – one under the chin and one on each side of the face just behind the earlobe. These incisions are used as access points to allow Dr. Hilinski to lift up the skin all the way down the neck. The J Plasma device is then inserted under the neck skin and activated. As the helium gas is released it is electrified to produce the desired plasma energy. This plasma energy is what causes the actual skin tightening. To a great degree, the skin is tightened rather immediately. In fact, the skin will literally feel tighter upon completion of the J Plazty procedure. A secondary tightening effect then occurs as the weeks and months unfold, which corresponds to your body’s natural response to form collagen.

J Plazty Recovery

Most patients undergoing J Plazty will be required to wear a bandage around the neck and lower face for upwards of 3 days continuously. After this point, the bandage is worn more intermittently. It is around this time – 3 days out from J Plasma – that many patients will also begin to look more publicly presentable. Yes, there is still some swelling and even tissue discoloration. But, for the most part, patients can be seen out and about without many stares.

Pain levels are modest in most cases and very well controlled with low-dose narcotic medication, such as Vicodin. In some cases, patients will notice a mixed sensation of numbness and tingling in the areas treated with J Plasma. A great majority of these sensations will typically resolve 7-10 days out from the procedure.

J Plasma Photos

Below you will find the actual before and after photos for this case example. When you look at her neck skin, you can readily appreciate how it actually looks tighter. As a result of the plasma energy delivered, her neck lines are now much less pronounced – especially the deeper, horizontal neck lines. As you scan down the length of her neck, you can also appreciate how her neck skin just looks smoother and more youthful.

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