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Dr. Hilinski to Give Lecture on the Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure

On Wednesday, August 14th, our very own Dr. John Hilinski will be speaking at the UCSD Medical Center in La Jolla, California. He was invited by the faculty to speak as part of the UCSD Division of Plastic Surgery lecture series, and is excited to present his lecture entitled "Updates in My Ethnic Rhinoplasty Practice."

Dr. Hilinski believes it is important to participate in lectures and continuing education, as it helps him improve and share his knowledge for the betterment of others. As a facial plastic surgeon and regional specialist in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Hilinski says his lecture on the complex ethnic rhinoplasty procedure is a way for him to pass along helpful information on techniques to other doctors in the community. When discussing the procedure, he emphasizes the importance of enhancing the appearance of a person’s nose while maintaining their ethnic characteristics. By preserving these features consistent in the patient’s heritage, Dr. Hilinski believes the procedure should result in a very natural appearance.

In order to consistently achieve great results, Dr. Hilinski explains how doctors who perform ethnic rhinoplasty must have repeated experience performing the procedure. Having performed numerous ethnic rhinoplasties, Dr. Hilinski says the upcoming lecture is also a way for him to reflect on his own practice and techniques, looking back critically at his results and helping him continuously get better.

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