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Rhinoplasty Nose Reconstruction Following MOHS Surgery San Diego, CA

As a San Diego rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty expert, Dr. John Hilinski utilizes much of this expert knowledge and experience in nose surgery to help patients who require repair of nasal defects following removal of skin cancer. This is often times referred to as MOHS surgery of the nose, where skin cancers are carefully removed most commonly by dermatologists. In many of these patients, the defect or hole that is created from removal of the skin cancer can be quite extensive. In these situations, dermatologists will frequently refer these cases to Dr. Hilinski to repair the resulting defect. This case example provided here in the latest blog entry focuses on repair of a fairly extensive defect involving the nasal bridge in this female patient from San Diego who had MOHS surgery by a local dermatologist. She was then referred to Dr. Hilinski to help in the repair process because of his widespread reputation as one of the finest nose surgery experts in the region. Learn more about nasal reconstruction following MOHS surgery of the nose by linking here.

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