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Buccal Fat

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Liposuction for Chipmunk Cheeks?

Some patients have asked whether or not liposuction can be used to reduce chipmunk cheeks. Unfortunately, the answer is no - liposuction is not a viable option for treating the buccal fat pad. This has to do with the fact that the buccal fat pad is surrounded by a number of important facial structures, which would be put at risk of being damaged by the liposuction device. In addition, the buccal fat pad is comprised... Continue Reading
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Chipmunk Cheek Treatment

Do you have chipmunk cheeks that detract from having a sculpted, defined face? Are your cheeks excessively round and puffy? If so, you might be a good candidate to undergo buccal fat removal by one of San Diego's leading plastic surgeons, Dr. John Hilinski. Buccal fat is the layer of fatty tissue sitting inside of the cheek that contributes to fullness of the face. If the buccal fat pad is excessively large, the cheek will... Continue Reading

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