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Chipmunk Cheek Treatment

Do you have chipmunk cheeks that detract from having a sculpted, defined face? Are your cheeks excessively round and puffy? If so, you might be a good candidate to undergo buccal fat removal by one of San Diego’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr. John Hilinski.

Buccal fat is the layer of fatty tissue sitting inside of the cheek that contributes to fullness of the face. If the buccal fat pad is excessively large, the cheek will look fuller than desired and make the face appear rounder. Many patients worried about their buccal fat pad note that their face lacks definition. Men, in particular, feel like their excess buccal fat takes away from having a chiseled look.

Fortunately for those patients with too much buccal fat, there is a procedure to help called buccal fat reduction. Buccal fat removal is done by making an incision inside of the cheek just opposite the gum line. Dr. Hilinski then carefully dissects down into the buccal space where the fat is situated. He then teases out the buccal fat to reduce the unwanted volume. Dr. Hilinski will usually take out about a walnut or golf ball size amount of buccal fat, which is enough to make a visible change while leaving behind a sufficient amount to keep the face looking natural. The end result is a cheek that is more sculpted and defined because it is now less rounded and full.

If you live in San Diego and have chipmunk cheeks – and want a more sculpted face, reach out to our San Diego office today to schedule your buccal fat removal with Dr. John Hilinski.

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