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Hair Transplant

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Shaving Your Hair For Transplant?

Many patients ask whether or not their hair will need to be shaved in preparation for hair transplantation surgery. The short answer is yes for follicular unit extraction, or FUE. In the region where the hair is being taken from (called the donor site) we will need to shave the hair down to an appropriate level that allows us to harvest the grafts more readily. But it is not as if we shave the entire... Continue Reading
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Do Hair Grafts Look Natural?

Do hair grafts look natural? Absolutely! Modern day techniques for hair transplant have advanced considerably compared with the days of hair 'plugs' as they were called. Nowadays, hair restoration surgery can provide you with a new hair line that blends very naturally with your native hair. This is in great part due to expert hair transplant surgical technique that allows us to use the finest, delicate micro grafts in recreating lost hairlines. In doing so,... Continue Reading

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