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Do Hair Grafts Look Natural?

Do hair grafts look natural? Absolutely! Modern day techniques for hair transplant have advanced considerably compared with the days of hair ‘plugs’ as they were called. Nowadays, hair restoration surgery can provide you with a new hair line that blends very naturally with your native hair. This is in great part due to expert hair transplant surgical technique that allows us to use the finest, delicate micro grafts in recreating lost hairlines. In doing so, the transplanted hairs are oriented and carefully placed by Dr. Hilinski and his team of hair restoration specialists in parallel with the surrounding hairs. The actual hairline itself is also slightly staggered or jagged to help mimic a natural border of hair. In combination, these type of hair transplant techniques aid in giving you the most natural looking hair grafts as possible. If you have unwanted hair loss and are considering hair transplant surgery, don’t hesitate in contacting our San Diego office today to discuss you options for a beautiful, natural hair restoration.

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