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Get Rid of Bra Fat

So many women between 35 years old and 55 years old struggle to deal with unwanted bra fat along their back. This is also referenced as bra bulge and bra overhang. Unsightly bra fat is especially common amongst post-menopausal women within this age range. Even with the benefit of fat burning workouts to reduce bra fat, most women will notice a little extra bulge that can detour them from wearing certain outfits.

Fortunately for this population of women, Coolsculpting was invented to help literally freeze that bra fat away! Bra fat removal is easily done with no needles, no invasive equipment, and no surgical downtime. What could be better? If it is that easy, why not schedule your consult today with Dr. Hilinski and San Diego’s #1 Coolsculpting team.

Dr. Hilinski and his Coolsculpting specialists offer Dual Sculpting for bra fat – which means you can have both sides treated at the same time to reduce overall treatment time in half. That is because Dr. Hilinski’s San Diego office has two – that’s right two – Coolsculpting machines. Many offices treating excess bra fat by freezing it away only have one Coolsculpting machine. This means you have to treat one side first – then go to the other side to reduce the bra fat. This takes twice as long as Dual Sculpting does. So why not schedule your bra fat reduction procedure today with Dr. Hilinski?

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