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Double Chin Treatment

One issue we see frequently here at our San Diego office is a double chin deformity. This is essentially too much fat contour in the area under the chin. Although we offer Kybella injection and liposuctioning of the chin, one great option to get rid of this fat is freezing it away with Coolsculpting. This is especially true for those patients who are simply not ready for surgical liposuction. With our CoolMini Coolsculpting hand piece, getting rid of your double chin is easy as can be. With essentially no downtime associated with the Coolsculpt treatment, you can be back to your normal daily activities in no time – with improved neck and jaw contouring. CoolMini neck reshaping takes about 45 minutes to do in the office and you will need two (2) Coolsculpting treatment sessions to get an ideal result. If your double (or triple) chin is bothering you – and you don’t want to have Dr. Hilinski perform liposuctioning – give CoolMini a chance to create a new look for you!

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