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Exercising After Botox?

If you have been to our San Diego office and had Botox and/or Dysport injections you will likely have heard Dr. Hilinski recommend that you should refrain from exercising for at least 24-48 hours after the treatment. But why is this? Is it because of unwanted bruising after Botox or Dsyport? Nope.

The main reason Dr. Hilinski recommends you avoid exertional activities for 24-48 hours is to minimize your blood pressure and heart rate from going up. If this were to occur right after your Botox or Dysport treatment, you are at risk of ‘washing away’ the effects of the Botox and Dysport before it really takes effect. In the end, you just won’t get as good of a result from the Botox and Dysport. So make sure you schedule your Botox and Dysport office treatments around your workout schedule!

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