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Inner Thigh Slimming

Check out this incredible change to the inner thigh region as a result of 2 sessions of Coolsculpting.

As San Diego’s best team of fat freezing experts, we offer dual sculpting for thigh reshaping. This means you can have your thigh slimming procedure done in half the time it takes other Coolsculpting offices. Dr. Hilinski and his Coolsculpting experts have two machines (which is why it is called dual sculpting) that can work simultaneously to freeze fat away at twice the speed it would take other practices.

Dr. Hilinski has an amazing group of Coolsculpting specialists who have graduated from Cool University – meaning they have advanced training and expertise in fat freezing techniques beyond your average San Diego medspa staff. This translates into you getting the best treatment possible with Coolsculpting.

In addition, Dr. Hilinski’s medspa practice is officially certified by Zeltiq – meaning they are among the elite Coolsculpting practices in all of San Diego.

Inner Thigh Coolsculpting

This female patient wanted to target the excess fat along the inner thigh region. And as you can see, not all Coolsculpting patients have ultra toned, muscular physiques. Many patients are just looking to reshape one or two areas of their body, like the thighs. This particular woman opted to undergo Coolsculpting due, in part, to the fact that freezing fat can be done without surgery and without any downtime. Inner and outer thigh Coolsculpting is a fairly popular choice and one of the more common types of fat freezing that our team of specialists offers. In this case, the inner thigh was targeted with the Coolsculpting CoolAdvantage applicator – which is designed specifically to treat anatomical areas, such as the inner thigh. Ultimately, this patient wanted to undergo two fat freezing sessions – spread apart by a few months. The results shown here represent her changes about 8 weeks after the second Coolsculpting thigh treatment. As you can readily see, there has been a marked improvement in her inner thigh region as a result of the excess fat having been frozen away. The great thing about Coolsculpting is that – once the fat has been frozen, it isn’t coming back again. The patient was quite happy with her overall  transformation in the inner thigh area – noting a substantial improvement in the contour of her thighs. And to think that all of this was done without any needles and no surgical recovery of any type.

If you desire to have inner thigh contouring to give you slimmer thighs – contact the #1 Coolsculpting team in San Diego to discuss your candidacy and options to have the fat frozen away. We look forward to helping you attain your cosmetic goals.

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