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Slimmer Thighs

Check out how this patient got slimmer thighs from just one Coolsculpting treatment session! Like so many medspa patients, this female from San Diego simply didn’t want to have surgical liposuction. Instead, she opted to have Coolsculpting of the inner and outer thighs. The single fat freezing session was performed in our beautiful and relaxing San Diego office Coolsculpting treatment room. Since Dr. Hilinski and his medspa team have dual sculpting – two Coolsculpting machines – the patient was able to have her fat frozen in just half the time it would take in many other Coolsculpting offices.

Her results shown here are approximately 6 months after just one session of Coolsculpting. As you can see, her lateral thigh has undergone a fairly significant reduction to the point where she now no longer has such wide hips. This area is also commonly referred to as the saddlebag since it resembles the appearance of an actual saddlebag. Although liposuction is commonly employed to contour this area of the thigh, Coolsculpting can reduce these saddlebags without having to do anything invasive.

In  addition, her inner thighs have been contoured very nicely to complement her outer thigh reshaping. And all of this was accomplished with just one treatment! And there were no needles, no surgery, and no downtime at all.

And the beauty is that once fat has been frozen away or destroyed by Coolsculpting, it will not be coming back ever again!

One interesting way to look at her change is to view just the outline of her thighs as is shown here in the silhouette of her before and after photos. What you really see in this comparison is how the outline of her thighs – particularly the outer thigh – has been greatly changed due to the Coolsculpting treatment.

If you live in San Diego (Hillcrest, Coronado, Chula Vista, and Downtown included) and desire to have more shapely thighs, contact Dr. Hilinski’s advanced Coolsculpting medspa experts for a complimentary consultation to get that unwanted fat frozen away.

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